General terms and conditions for travel are an integral part of the contract. vouchers made by TOP Line d.o.o. Portoroz (hereinafter referred to as TOP Line) or authorized agency and traveler applying for a particular tourist arrangement.

The General Terms and Conditions on the website apply to the transport and organization of transport on international maritime lines between the western ports of Istria (Izola, Piran, Umag, Poreč, Rovinj, Pula and Rabac) and Venice marketed by TOP Line.
If otherwise specified in the specific terms of business or individual program regarding any point of these General Terms and Conditions, the statement or. provision specified in the program.
In the case of telephone sales or internet sales, it is considered that the traveler has accepted the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions when ordering a tourist arrangement by telephone or the Internet. The terms of the general terms and instructions can be found on the website or any other site where TOP Line, as an organizer, provides its services on the Internet, where they are specially marked and generally accessible.
Client or passenger is any person who has made a valid reservation or made a purchase and payment for a ticket or other service with TOP Line or Authorized Agencies. 
A traveler can sign up for a trip marketed by TOP Line, at any TOP Line branch or authorized agency. Upon check-in, TOP Line and the passenger enter into a contract, which is at the same time a booking confirmation, which either contains information about the passenger's tourist arrangement or refers to the program of the arrangement, where this information is provided. Upon check-in, the passenger is obliged to provide all the information and submit the documents required by the travel program, as well as to pay the registration fee and the cost of the check-in.
In case the passenger does not provide the correct information at check-in, he is responsible for all costs or expenses, consequences resulting from incorrect information.
Passenger registration is obligatory. A passenger may only depart from it in accordance with the provisions of the passenger's cancellation.
The binding application is subject only to a written application or signed agreement between the passenger and TOP Line or authorized agency. The contract is considered to have been concluded on the day of the written confirmation of TOP Line.
When booking a request (RQ-request), the trip is confirmed only after the passenger's confirmation and payment has been received by TOP Line or authorized agencies. 
The day of payment is considered to be the day when the passenger makes a payment at TOP Line's cashier or an authorized agency or agency or when TOP Line receives payment into the IBAN of TOP Line.
Upon departure, the passenger is obliged to provide the tour manager with a valid vouhcer or ticket. The passenger can print the ticket via the website or get it from the authorized agency where he booked and paid for the ticket. In the event that the passenger does not have this document, the travel manager does need to accept the passenger on the journey or other travel arrangement.
The passenger may pay by cash or by other means of payment.
In accordance with the conditions of non-cash operations of financial institutions, in case of non-cash payment (credit card, Maestro, ...) of a tourist arrangement or any other TOP Line organised service, the refund will not be paid out in cash, but the reimbursment will be done by bank transfer or reverse charge of a credit card.
When a travel arrangement is booked for a traveler by an authorized tourist agency, all the provisions of this point shall apply mutatis mutandis to the authorized tourist agency. 
Prices for tourist services are set according to the official price list published on and are valid from the date of publication of the program. TOP Line reserves the right to change prices due to changes in the exchange rate or changes in the tariffs of carriers that affect the price of the trip, in accordance with the law governing the obligations and regulations in force in the Republic of Slovenia.
It shall inform the passenger of any change in the fare of the TOP Line.
TOP Line may stipulate in the program that the passenger will pay for additional services offered and provided on the spot. In this case, TOP Line does not act as an organizer, not as an intermediary, but merely an informant. In this case, the passenger claims all claims only from the on-site service provider.
Any discounts and benefits are mutually exclusive and are not cumulative. If more discounts are provided, the traveler can choose the discount that suits him best.
TOP Line, as an active member of the Association of Travel Agencies of Slovenia (hereinafter ZTAS), has the right to charge a registration fee for each reservation in the amount determined by the ZTAS Rules or determined by TOP Line itself. TOP Line reserves the right not to charge a registration fee solely for bookings made directly using the booking system of the website If the reservation is made by email, telephone or in person at the TOP Line office, the registration fee can be charged. 
The price includes all port taxes, transportation, management and organization. All passengers are insured on board under international P&I.