Catamarans San Frangisk and San Pawl are the fastest catamarans on the northern Adriatic. With the help of an air cushion, additional generators and a large fan between the hulls, pressure is created on the water surface, which artificially reduce the weight of the vessel resulting less friction. Significantly higher speeds are achieved at the same engine speed with the same fuel consumption (per hour). The passengers were thus able to shorten the duration of the voyage from 3 hours 15 minutes (as far as we needed by 2014 with DORA) to 2 hours 20 minutes.

Desiring to maintain safety, passengers are denied access to the outer surfaces of the catamaran as the catamaran reaches speeds of up to 70km / h.

For the most demanding travelers, both catamarans have a VIP lounge for up to 30 passengers.

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Virtual photos of the ship

With photos, done to show the virtual reality and 360 degree shots, each passenger can get an idea what to expect. This way, getting familiar with the ship can be done before we even have a chance to welcome you aboard.

San Frangisk and San Pawl

Catamaran San Frangisk is the fastest catamaran on the northern Adriatic, crossing the Adriatic with a speed in excess of 36 knots (weather permitting). The catamaran is a surface effect catamaran with an air cushion between the hulls that fills with air and helps the ship to glide on the water, reducing drag and increasing speed.

Interior - lower deck

Lower deck: The lower deck of the catamaran offers the passengers a well stocked bar, med and women tolettes. Seating is arranged front and aft salons, each with a capacity of 140 seats. Arrangement is in 4 rows of 4 seats, making the salon wider than longer, creating a very spacious area.

VIP Lounge of Venezialines catamaran

The upper deck, also called the VIP lounge is reserved for just 30 passengers that are prepared to pay a small difference and enjoy enem more comfort on the crossings. Larger windows, better views and more space is reserved for those that desire more.

Ship layout of Venezialines catamarans

Scheme of the catamaran San Frangisk (and similar of that of San Pawl).