Non-discriminatory conditions of access for disabled people and persons with reduced mobility to high-speed passenger vessels in our organization:

  • passengers have access to the vessel and an appropriate waiting area at the entry-exit point on the coast (pier in Piran)
  • a bench with appropriate signage for the disabled and a board with the travel schedule and information on access to the disabled toilet area on the shore
    access to the vessel is provided with the assistance of the vessel’s crew members
  • persons with reduced mobility have priority over other passengers when accessing the vessel and are provided with free help and assistance
    it is ensured on the vessel that persons with reduced mobility can get to their seat with the help of the crew, or disabled people can reach their place with wheelchairs.
  • the ship does not have stairs to the rooms for passengers with reduced mobility, as they are only located on the main deck
    • on the catamaran San Pawl, there are stairs only to the VIP lounge, therefore seats in this lounge are not offered for the disabled
    • on the catamaran Prince of Venice, there are toilets and seats for the disabled on the main deck.
  • seats and areas for the disabled and persons with reduced mobility are properly lit and marked.
  • the seats are spacious and suitable for the safe and comfortable seating of elderly people and people with reduced mobility and are located near the collection points for evacuation
  • toilets are located in such a way that there is enough space in front of them for the needs of people with reduced mobility
    the armrests on the seats are suitable for helping people with reduced mobility get up and sit down
  • Two spaces for wheelchairs on the ship are fixed and allow a person in a wheelchair to travel facing the bow and sit safely together with other passengers
    the wheelchair is attached to the base with appropriate clips for attaching wheelchair.

We kindly inform all passengers that our ships are disabled friendly and all passengers are welcome on board. Unfortunately, Venice was built in such a way that it is difficult for passengers in wheelchairs to access. Passengers are asked to consult the ship’s guides about visiting the city before arriving in Venice. We will be happy to explain how you can easily get from the port to the square of St. Mark and back.