The general conditions on,, or websites (hereinafeter TOP Line websites) apply to transport and the organisation of transport on international maritime routes between western ports of Istria and Venice, which are marketed and/or sold by TOP Line d.o.o. Portorož (hereinafter TOP Line).
In case of telephone sales or sales over the internet, the buyer or passenger  shall be deemed to have accepted the terms of these General Terms and Conditions at the time of ordering  services by telephone or over the internet. The terms of these general terms and conditions and instructions can be made known to the traveller on any TOP Line websites or on any other website where TOP Line, as the organizer, provides its services on the internet, where they are specifically marked and available.
The ordering party or passenger is any person who has made a valid reservation or made a purchase and payment of a ticket or other service with TOP Line or authorized agencies.

A passenger can book a trip marketed by TOP Line at any TOP Line office or authorized reseller. At the time of booking, TOP Line and the passenger enter into a contract, which is also a booking confirmation and contains either the passenger’s ticket details or refers to the programme where this information is provided. At the time of booking, the traveler is obliged to provide all the information and submit the documents required by the travel programme and to pay the registration fee and the cost of the booking.
In the event that the passenger does not provide correct information at the time of booking, he or she shall be liable for all costs and consequences arising from incorrect data.
Please note that the passenger’s booking is binding. He may withdraw from it only in accordance with the provisions on the passenger’s cancellation.
Binding check-in is subject only to a written check-in or a signed agreement between the passenger and top line or. authorised agency. The contract is deemed to be concluded on the date of written confirmation of TOP Line.
When booking to an RQ-request, the trip is valid only after the passenger’s confirmation and payment received by TOP Line or. authorised agency.

The day of payment shall be deemed to be the day on which the passenger is made a deposit at the TOP Line checkout or an authorized agency or agency. when TOP Line receives payment to the transaction account of TOP Line d.o.o. Portorož.
The passenger is obliged to provide a valid oouhcer at the time of departure. Ticket. The traveller can print it through the website, submit it electronically or obtain it from an authorised agency where he has booked and paid for the ticket. In the event that the passenger does not have this document, the travel manager shall not accept the traveller on the trip or. Arrangement.

The traveller can pay by cash or other intended means of payment.

In accordance with the terms of the non-cash operations of financial institutions, in the case of non-cash payment (credit card, Maestro, BA, …) of the tourist arrangement or other TOP Line service, in the event of a refund, TOP Line cannot in any event pay the cash and the traveller may claim a credit if he is entitled to it.
Where a traveller is booked by an authorised travel agency, all the provisions of this point shall apply mutatis mutandis to the authorised tourist agency.
Prices of tourist services are set for official price lists published on the and are valid from the date of publication of the programme. TOP Line reserves the right to change the price due to changes in the exchange rate or changes in the tariffs of carriers that affect the price of the trip, in accordance with the law governing obligations and regulations in force in the Republic of Slovenia.
It shall inform the passenger of any change in the price of the trip top line.
TOP Line may in the program provide that the passenger pays for the additional services to be offered and rendered on the spot. In this case, TOP Line does not act as an organizer, not as an intermediary, but merely an informant. In this case, the traveller claims all claims exclusively from the service provider on the spot.
Any discounts and benefits are mutually exclusive and not added up. If several discounts are provided, the traveler can choose the discount that best suits him.
AS an active member of the Association of Tourist Agencies of Slovenia (from now on ZTAS), TOP Line has the right to charge each booking an entry fee that is determined by the ZTAS policy or determined by THE TOP Line itself. TOP Line reserves the right not to charge the registration fee exclusively for bookings made directly using the booking system of the If booking is made by e-mail, telephone or in person at the TOP Line office, the registration fee may be charged.
All port charges, transport, management and organisation are included in the fare price. All passengers are insured on ships under the international P&I (protect and indemnity) insurance policy by the shipowners.
Special services are those services which are not normally included in the fare price (special meals, optional additional trips, etc.) or are subject to surcharges in the programme, so they are paid separately by the traveler, unless otherwise specified in the programme.
In the event that a specific arrangement is made to a specific arrangement, the additional services, the passenger provides wishes for these services at check-in and is charged to the price of the arrangement. Published prices of additional or additional special services are valid only in the case of order and payment of these services, when ordering and paying for the basic arrangement at the application site.
All services paid for by the passenger during a trip on a ship are organised by shipowners and TOP Line has no impact on their quality, nor does it affect their performance. Prices published on the website are for informational purposes only and can be changed by the shipowner arbitrarily. The passenger also agrees to make any complaints and complaints to the shipowner of the selected vessel.
The passenger has the right to cancel his trip at the agency where he checked in. In the event of a cancellation of the arrangement, TOP Line is entitled to reimbursement due to cancellation of the trip. The amount of reimbursement depends on the time during which the passenger submitted the cancellation. The amount of reimbursement of cancellation costs depends on the time before the date of commation of the service in which the passenger has submitted a cancellation or otherwise cancelled the trip:
* up to 72 hours before departure of the ship – 15 € administrative costs of processing the reservation
* 71:59 to 48 hours before departure of ship – 75% of the value of the arrangement
* from 47:59 to 24 hours before departure of the ship – 50% of the value of the arrangement
* from 23:59 to 00 hours before departure of the ship (also applicable to non-participation) – 100% of the price of the arrangement
The amount of cancellation costs of the arrangement where TOP Line is not the tour operator is determined by the general terms and conditions or other act of the organizer.
Notwithstanding the cancellation costs set out above, they may also be higher when subject to the terms of the organisation of the trip, which are dictated to TOP Line by the applicable terms of sale and are conditioned by the business partners. If otherwise provided for in the programme, the conditions for reimbursement of cancellation costs are otherwise laid down, the conditions shall be laid down in the programme. In the event of cancellation of the trip, the passenger must sign the notice document offered for signature by the seller. If he refuses to sign this document, he shall be deemed not to have cancelled the trip.
During the journey, the traveller may interrupt the journey at his request and by making a written statement of interruption. If the traveller interrupts the journey during the journey, he or she is not entitled to a refund or a refund, not in part or in full. If the passenger changes the program as he wishes or does not travel under a program that forms an integral part of the TOP Line contract, the passenger shall be deemed to have resigned the contract during the journey. In this case, the passenger is liable for the costs and damage caused by it.
In the event of a change of programme at his own request, or for reasons of force majeure, without there being any grounds on top line’s part because of improperly rendered service, the passenger shall not be entitled to claim any compensation or price reduction.
After the conclusion of the contract, the passenger may change the name or number of passengers, accommodation, date of travel, provided that such change is possible without cancellation of the arrangement. The registration fee is not refunded to the passenger if the passenger cancels the reservation.
A change in the travel date is possible up to 72 hours before the start of the trip – the cost of the change is €15.00. Any differences in fare shall be accounted for in accordance with the price list in force at the date of the change.

Changes to passenger names are possible up to 14 hours before departure. Any change, regardless of the number of changes in the individual booking, will be charged €15. Charging does not apply if the passenger does not provide all the information at the time of booking and reports it at a later date.

If the traveller assumes at check-in that he or she may not attend the trip due to certain circumstances (which may not be attended by him or his immediate family), he or she may be able to lodge a withdrawal.
The withdrawal agreement applies in the event of formal summonses, unexpected deterioration of the state of health or death in the immediate family (spouse, parents, children) and can only be enforced upon presentation of the relevant certificate.
The withdrawal fee is 5% of the price of the arrangement and must be paid at the time of booking.
The programme may specifically determine the amount of the withdrawal fee or that the withdrawal fee is not possible.
If the traveller does not start the journey on a date specified as the beginning of the journey and does not cancel the journey in writing before the start, he shall not have the right to claim a refund on the basis of the withdrawal fee paid. It is also considered that the passenger has not commoiled the journey or has resigned from the contract where the passenger is not taken on carriage by the carrier (air, ship, bus and the like) for any reason which may be of a safety or regulatory nature, whether it occurred during the journey or at the beginning of the journey. In such a case, the passenger is liable for any damage caused and cannot claim any refunds on the basis of the termination fee paid.
In other cases, documented force majeure, which does not fall within the scope of the events covered by the termination order and which result in the traveller canceling the journey or the terminated from the contract, TOP Line is entitled to reimbursement of all its costs already incurred, as well as those incurred by the cancellation of the trip itself. Force majeure must be documented by valid official documents and such that it could not be foreseen or avoided before the conclusion of the contract.
The application for the enforcement of the withdrawal fee may not be enforced after the departure of the vessel from the first port.
In the event that a traveller takes out travel cancellation insurance with one of the insurance undertakings, the passenger’s rights in respect of the withdrawal fee shall be exercised by that insurance company, subject to the general terms and conditions of the insurance company.
In the event of cancellation by TOP Line or other shipowners for justifiable reasons such as ship failure, weather conditions, state of war or war. Top Line is obliged to repay the entire price to passengers within 5 working days. By purchasing a ticket from TOP Line or by purchasing a ticket from TOP Line or authorised agencies and on the buyer’s website agree that, the above unwitting cases, no compensation for travel expenses incurred, loss of work or daily allowance is due.
The passenger owes top line or. provide the authorised agenicia with its contact number (GSM) which TOP Line will use exclusively for the purpose of notifying a change of schedule, cancellation of the journey. In the event that the passenger does not provide top line with the contact number, top line will not contact it in case of a change in the driving schedule or cancellation on the day of departure.
TOP Line reserves the right to cancel the trip or change the travel programme in accordance with applicable law.
TOP Line reserves the right to cancel the trip no later than 7 (seven) days before the scheduled departure, if it does not check in for the trip, the number of passengers specified for the trip. The minimum number of registered passengers on board vessels is 40% occupancy.
In cases where TOP Line expressly guarantees departure in writing or “guarantees departure” it cannot cancel the trip.
TOP Line reserves the right to withdraw in full or in part from the contract if, before or during the implementation of the programme, exceptional circumstances arise which could not be expected, removed or avoided, and for TOP Line these circumstances constitute a valid reason for not entering into contracts if they existed at the time of conclusion of the contract.
TOP Line may terminate the contract or terminate the contract and claim compensation from a passenger who directly violates the provisions of the contract concluded with TOP Line, in particular if it is established that the passenger intentionally communicated incorrect information about the number of passengers or their age, or changes have occurred during the journey, and the passenger has not informed TOP Line.
TOP Line reserves the right to change the day and time of departure or. to cancel the journey, due to a change in the timetable or the onset of force majeure, and the right to change the direction of travel if the conditions of the journey change (new timetable, precarious situation in the country where the programme is organised, natural disasters or other unforeseen causes unasuthed by TOP Line), without special compensation and in accordance with the applicable passenger traffic regulations.
TOP Line cannot assume responsibility for changes to the program due to the onset of any force majeure during the course of the program. In such cases, it may provide passengers with services in a modified form, depending on the existing options.
In the event that TOP Line cancels the trip, the passenger is entitled to a full refund of the paid price of the arrangement. In the event of TOP Line cancellation, the passenger does not have the right to reimbursement of the cost of the visa required to enter the country to which the trip is to be used or the costs of the vaccinations requested by the programme.
It shall immediately inform the passenger of any subsequent change to the TOP Line programme.
TOP Line reserves the right to cancel the trip due to force majeure before the start of the trip and is obliged to refund the same amount to passengers. In the event of cancellation due to force majeure during the journey, TOP Line is obliged to return passengers to the place of commencement of the journey by means of available alternative means of transport, which is considered to be completed and, consequently, the passenger is not entitled to any compensation or compensation. the refund of the paid-in funds.
A passenger who applies to travel abroad must have a valid passport, identity card or, exceptionally, other valid relevant document with which he can enter a particular country.
In the event that individual States make entry into a country with a specified period of validity of the travel document before the expiry date of entry, the passenger shall be obliged to take care of himself and top line for any inconvenience or forced interruption of the passenger’s travel under this address.
The passenger owes it before the trip, or obtain, by the time limit laid down in the programme, visas for the countries to which it travels and undergoes the vaccinations required for those countries. If the passenger fails to comply with this obligation, TOP Line will comply with the passenger cancellation provisions. If a passenger is covered by a TOP Line visa, it does not guarantee the success of obtaining the visa. The cost of obtaining TOP Line visas is not refunded to the passenger. TOP Line does not guarantee the accuracy of information obtained from the competent embassies. In the event of refusal of entry into the country, or other obstacles, bear all the costs of the passenger himself. Top Line’s brokerage when obtaining a visa is not included in the price of the trip, but is paid separately. It is considered that the traveller arranges the visa himself when TOP Line does not deliver the necessary documents within the time limit specified in the programme or offer.
Due to requirements in international passenger transport (air, ship, bus…), the passenger is obliged to provide all necessary information on all participants in the journey or flight he declares upon check-in. The data must be fully consistent with the information in the official documents which the trip participants are obliged to carry with them in accordance with the rules on crossing the national border and the relevant foreign legislative acts. In the event that incorrect information causes a delay, additional costs or interruption of the trip, the passenger shall be responsible for any costs incurred by the participants only by the passenger himself.
All passengers with a valid one-day ticket purchased from TOP Line or an authorized agency are entitled to a maximum of 15kg of personal luggage per person. Large pieces of luggage can be carried on ships, but only after prior notice.
TOP Line is not responsible for stealing or damaging the passenger’s luggage or other personal belongings, valuables and documents.
If a passenger loses documents during the journey or has been stolen from them, but they are essential for the continuation of the journey or for repatriation, the traveller shall obtain new ones at his own expense.
When arranging formalities in this regard, the traveller may contact the travel manager or top line representative for advice and assistance.
In the event that the passenger has to terminate the journey as a result of the loss or theft of documents, he shall not be entitled to any refund of the paid trip or reimbursement.
The information provided by the traveller at the application site does not oblige the TOP Line more than the indications in the program or offer. In case of doubt, it is always considered valid: written tender, written information or written explanation.
The traveller must reprimand the on-the-spot irregularities or deficiencies, the TOP Line Guide, the direct service provider, the representative or the authorised local agency. In the event that the complaint could have been resolved on the spot and the traveller did not criticising the on-the-spot error and did not inform the persons mentioned above of the irregularity, it is considered that the traveller agreed to the service thus provided and thus lost the right to lodge subsequent complaints by requiring a reduction in the price of the service or payment of damage.
The passenger may lodge a complaint in writing within the prescribed period. Without a written complaint, TOP Line does not handle claims for price reductions and compensation and other claims. The passenger should send the written complaint to: TOP Line d.o.o. Portorož, Obala 114, 6320 Portorož no later than 2 months after the service was addressed.
The complaint must be signed and may be filed by any passenger himself in his own name or authorised in writing by a third party. The authorisation must be attached to the complaint, otherwise TOP Line will not address such a complaint.
The complaint must be justified. The traveller should therefore attach the relevant evidence and/or the relevant certificate to the carrier or the the actual situation on the basis of which the passenger claims his claim.
In any event, the amount of compensation is limited by the amount of the arrangement paid, if top line’s fault did not result in the performance of the program or certain services, the passenger is entitled to compensation equal to the real value of the services not rendered. This provision shall not apply if TOP Line has the right to terminate the arrangement or change the program in accordance with the terms of these Terms and Conditions and the Law.
TOP Line protects all earned passenger data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. By signing the contract, a passenger shall be deemed to agree to the use of this data with a view to fulfilling contractual obligations and rights, as well as for the purposes of direct marketing, market research, customer segmentation, statistical processing and notification of the offer of TOP Line and its business partners. If the passenger does not wish, he/she can declare this upon check-in.
The prices published for international passenger transport do not account for VAT under Article 49/2 of Article ZDDV-1.
In the event of a dispute between the parties, all disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the court of man-law in Koper.