At the customs dock of the selected port you will be greeted by a friendly ship crew and escorted aboard, where you will be able to enjoy a great coffee, snack or refreshment drink (at an extra charge) before departure.

During the sailing to Venice, our experienced guides will give you an insight into the history of the beautiful city, the development and collapse of the Serenissima Republic and explain the course of the program that awaits us upon arrival. After we enter the Venetian lagoon, you will be able to see a completely different world than we are used to. Canals replace roads and streets, vessels replace cars, trucks, buses and all other road transport vehicles. Every building plays an important role in the mosaic of this rich city. After a 1-hour sail through the lagoon, you will berth at the port of San Basilio, scheduled around 11:00. After disembarkation and clearing passport control, you are welcomed to follow the guides to to the heart of the city.

Before you leave the ship, make sure you have enough drinks with you, because if you go into town with the group, any distancing could mean getting lost… and the prices on the ship are not as dear as in the city.

Before arriving at San Basilio Port, guides will offer you the option (for a small supplement) to take a boat transfer and sail comfortably to the city center. Should you not decide for this option, you will be escorted from the harbour to St. Mark’s Square walking with one of the guides. (about 40 minutes walk). If you do choose to embark on the boat transfer to St. Mark’s square, the sailing will include a guided tour of the journey: you will see the house of Elton John, an orphanage called “the Children’s prision”, the church  “Il Redentore”, the Danieli Hotel (in which the second episode of the James Bond films – From Russia with Love) and finally the magnificent entrance to the Canale Grande.

After arriving to the square, the guides will walk you around the square and explain about the most important buildings:

St. Mark’s Basilica
Doge’s Palace
Clock Tower
2 granite pillars
Bridge of Sighs
New procuratie
Nove Prokuracije
Old procuratie
Ala Napoleonica

After the tour you will be free to walk to the Rialto Bridge, but we advise you to listen to the guides’ suggestions and take advantage of the following optional tours (at an additional charge):

All of these options can be booked with your guide during the morning sailing to Venice.

Organized lunch at a local restaurant – drinks included.

A  romantic Venetian gondola ride through the canals.

A water taxi ride through Canale Grande back to port.

Vodni taxi v Benetkah

Departure from Venice is planned at 5:00 p.m.*, once again passing through the city centre to Lido island, where the oldest film festival is held every year in September. After exiting the lagoon, a sailing across the Adriatic awaits us. Arrival the port of origin is scheduled in the evening hours.

*Check the exact time of departure with the guides, as they may vary according to traffic in the lagoon.

Informative prices of the above mentioned trips on the catamarans:


  • 10 € chd till 13.99 yrs
  • 5 € chd up to 3.99 yrs
  • In the morning from the port to the square


  • 15 € chd till 13.99 yrs
  • 0 € chd up to 3.99 yrs (no meal)
  • with drinks included


  • 25 € chd till 13.99 yrs
  • 25 € chd till 3.99 yrs
  • small and romantic hidden canals

Water taxi*

  • 15 € chd till 13.99 yrs
  • 5 € chd till 3.99 yrs
  • through Canal Grande to the port


  • 60 € chd till 13.99
  • 30 € chd till 3.99 yrs
  • (special offer for all services)
* Due to the occasional closures of the Grand Canal (various events), we sometimes offer a panoramic cruise to the port of San Basilio in the southern part of the lagoon instead of a water taxi. Accompanied by guides, passengers hear a lot about the lagoon and the many islands. We sail past the island of St. Helen (Constantine’s mother), the Armenian island, San Servolo, San Clemente, various Lazarettes (quarantine islands from the time of the plague) and past San Giorgio island back to the port.