On certain dates, a payment of an entrance fee to enter the city of Venice is necessary, unless the visitor belongs to one of the categories that entitles him to an exemption from payment. The entrance fee is charged on the dates specified below between the following times of day: 08:30 – 16:00

Minors under the age of 14 are excluded from paying the entrance fee. In certain places it is written that the presentation of an identity document is sufficient proof, but we recommend that you register them during the purchase process. It’s free and children’s names are not required.

With the aim of promoting sustainable and informed tourism and adopting good practices in tourism, the city administration has taken care of setting the entrance fee to the old city center of the municipality of Venice and other smaller islands in the lagoon. This fee is determined in accordance with national legislation (Article 4, Paragraph 3-bis of Legislative Decree 23/2011, Law 145/2018, Law 122/2010).

The tax is used to regulate tourist flows, and its revenues are used to finance interventions in tourism, including those for the maintenance, enjoyment and restoration of local cultural and environmental heritage and related local public facilities.

For the year 2024, there will be no reservation and no tax for those going to one of the smaller islands in the lagoon.

IMPORTANT: Every person MUST have a QR code, even if you consider yourself exempt from paying the entrance tax. We recommend that you include ALL CHILDREN (under the age of 14) in your application. No payment is required for them!

Area of Venice where the tax is applicable:

turistična taksa Benetke


  • April: 25.04, 26,04, 27,04, 28,04, 29.04, 30.04

  • May: 01.05, 02.05, 03.05, 04.05, 05.05, 11.05, 12.05, 18.05, 19.05, 25.05, 26.05

  • June: 08.06, 09.06, 15.06, 16.06, 22.06, 23.06, 29.06, 30.06

  • July: 06.07, 07.07, 13.07, 14.07


500per day