Booking your trip to Venice from Piran. Umag, Poreč, Rovinj or Pula is simple. To start off, just select from which country you would like to go and the first and last day that you can travel. Please have your travel documents handy, since you will need them…

1. step

In the search box select the country of your stay (Slovenia or Croatia) and the date span (from & to) when you can attend the trip.

2. step

On the next page, youll recieve all available dates of travel in the selected time span. Here you will see with which ship youll be travelling and the base price for adults. By clicking NEXT you will proceed to the

3. step

Here you will be offered to select the number of adults, children and infants wanting to travel. Please payattention if the shipper offers any family discounts at this stage of the booking.

4. step

Here well need the data of the lead passenger and details, should you want a VAT invoice issued out to a company. Please also provide the exact email and mobile phone contacts, as this will be the only way we can get in touch with you in an unlikely event that there has been a change in schedule.

5. step

If you are accomodated in a nearby hotel and if the shipper offers a transfer service from a nearby hotel, select it from the list here. Can be subject to additional costs.

6. step

Passenger details for each passenger (regardless of age) is needed for international maritime passenger transportation:
– Family name and First name
– Date and place of birth
– type of travel document and number of document
– Sex
– Nationality

At the end, you can also select the payment details for the booking (note that not all trips and dates offer all options):

Credit card

We accept Mastercard / Eurocard / Visa / Visa electron. Note that some banks require extra verification. Once the payment has gone through, you will recieve your travel documents via email. Please print them and present them at the check-in.

Wire transfer

Once having selected the Wire transfer, you will recieve the payment coordinates to our bank account. After we clear payment, you will recieve the vouchers. Please note that international wire transfers take up to 5 days to pass, so make sure you book well in advance when choosing this option.

Credit cards are processed through Banka Intesa Slovenia d.d. and are 100% safe. TOP Line never sees your credit card details and you are diverted to a domain of our bank, which means we never see you credit card details. All we see from our bank is YES or NO if the transaction was succesful.