The San Frangisk catamaran is one of the fastest vessels on the Adriatic Sea. It connects Istria with Venice at a cruising speed of up to 35 knots. The catamaran has an aircushion between the two hulls, which inflates and displaces water while sailing on the open sea. It is an ACC type (air cushion catamaran), which allows it to achieve significantly better speeds with the same engine power with greater comfort for passengers.

San Frangisk

  • IMO No: 8815918

  • Flag: Malta

  • Home port: Valetta

  • Length: 35.3 m

  • Width: 11.5 m

  • Draught:
    – 2.15 m on its hull
    – 0.70 on the cushion

  • Capacity: 320 persons
    – Tourist class: 285 seats
    – VIP lounge: 35 seats

  • Top speed: 42nM

  • Cruise speed: 35 nM

  • Engines: 2x MWM TBD 604B V16X

  • Type of vessel: HSC (high speed craft)

  • Year built: 1989

San Frangisk Catamaran
San Frangisk Catamaran

Tourist class of the San Frangisk catamaran

The lower, main part of the catamaran is separated by a well-stocked bar between the front and rear lounge. In the back of the catamaran are separate male and female toilets. Seating: 4 rows of 4 seats. There’s a small coffee table on the back of each seat. The lower lounge, or tourist class is divided into the front and back of the catamaran. They are separated by a staircase to the upper VIP lounge and bar.

All seats on the catamaran face the direction of sailing.

Tourist class of san frangisk catamaran

VIP Lounge of the San Frangisk catamaran

The upstairs lounge is designed for those passengers who want more space and privacy while travelling. Leather seats, booths and club tables are basic equipment. Drinks and snacks will be served by a friendly flight attendant.

VIP catamaran Lounge San Frangisk