Dear passenger!

Since we want to make it as easy as possible for all our passengers to pay the entrance fee (or tourist tax) for entering the historical part of Venice, we have prepared instructions (step by step). In addition to the entire process, we have also prepared a short film for you: the process over the phone and over the computer.


On the first step, you select “PAYMENT OF THE FEE” to pay the contribution or “EXCEPTIONS” if you belong to the exempt group.

ATTENTION: all exempt visitors must also obtain a QR code to enter the historical part of Venice.


Select the day of your visit to Venice on the calendar. If the date cannot be chosen, registration and payment are not required.


Use the (+) plus and (-) minus buttons to select how many adults (over 14 years old) and children (up to 14 years old) you want to register to visit Venice. Although children are free, they MUST be registered.


Enter the information of all passengers as entered in the personal document (passport or identity card): in this part of the application, as many fields for first and last name as there are ADULT passengers you selected in the previous step will appear:





Enter the payer’s information:


Check if all the information is correct. If you see an irregularity or want to correct or replace something, click on the pencil. Please pay attention to the correctness of your email address, as you will receive a QR code through this channel.


Choose a payment method (credit card or PayPal)