The fast ferry catamaran service that runs between Pula in Croatia and Venice in Italy operates several days in the week. It runs on a seasonal basis as the tourist season starts in the last days of April and goes through till the first days of October. The services provided is operated by different operators and different ships.




The ferry, running between the two coastal cities, carries passengers only as it does not have any car, van or truck capacities.

Passengers using the ferry service as a day trip between the city of Pula and Venice, sailing with the ship to Venice and back in one day. Leaving Pula in the early morning hours allows guests to spend almost six quality hours in Venice, returning back in the evening hours. The sailing is combined with a guided tour of St. Mark’s square that is free of charge for all passengers travelling with the catamarans.

The ferry service between Pula and Venice operates on a daily basis, leaving Pula in the morning hours and sailing to Venice. Check if the ferry you chose sails directly or via another port. The service starts between 07:00 and 08:00, but please check the timetable of each specific departure since times differ due to restrictions in the Venetian lagoon. The sailing lasts between 3h30min and 4 hours.

The ferry service between Venice, Italy and Rovinj, Croatia operates on a daily basis in the late afternoon hours, arriving to Pula in the evening. All departures are either direct or via Rovinj from Venice to Pula. The service starts around 17:00, but please check the timetable of each departure since times may vary due to restrictions in the Venetian lagoon. The sailing lasts between 3h30min and 4 hours.

Pula is the southernmost port on the Istrian Penunsula and also the port with the highest demand. The buildings show a strong Habsburgs’ influence.

Poreč carinski pomol

Prices for one way tickets

Istria – Venice or Venice – Istria

01.05 - 20.06.2024


21.06 - 10.09.2024


11.09 - 05.10.2024


Price includes:

  • Sailing on route Istria – Venice or Venice – Istria

  • 1 piece of hand luggage per person

  • 1 suitcase per person

Not included in the price:

  • Small pet (dog or cat): 15 €

  • Bicycle (or similar sports equipment): 15 €
    (E-bikes are not allowed on the vessels)

  • Venice tourist tax.


  • Chidren between 6 and 14 yrs: 50%

  • Chidren up to 6: 100%